10xGRIT + CON-CRET® Creatine HCL Combo Pack

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Makes training a lot easier

In season now, and able to train 5 lbs above my weight class in practice with ease, as opposed to coming in 10-12lbs over, while feeling how I usually do when I' 10lbs higher than normal. The lean muscle retention is very noticeable + vascularity, and the recovery for training is fantastic!

TTP Nutrition's 10xGRIT will give you:

  • Energy Pre-Workout
  • Endurance Intra-Workout
  • Recover Your Muscles Post-Workout Faster
  • Quicker Hydration Your Body Needs When You Need It
  • Formulated with 100% Legal Ingredients! (Not on USADA or WADA Banned Substances List)
  • Informed Sport Certified (Olympic, World, NCAA, High School Athletes, and all other athletes can use a supplement with no worries)
  • Trusted By Elite, World Level, & Pro Athletes World Wide

ProMera's CON-CRET® Creatine HCL will give you:

Micro Dosing™ for Strength* - Endurance* - Muscle Recovery

The Original Highly Pure Creatine HCl
The Future of Creatine™

  • Superior Solubility*
  • Superior Plasma Uptake*
  • No Loading, No Cycling*
  • Creatine Micro Dosing™ Based on Body Weight
  • No Cramping, Bloating, Water Retention, or GI Issues, when used as directed*


Warnings for CON-CRET® Creatine HCL:

This product is not intended for individuals under 18. Consult a physician or healthcare provider before using this or any other dietary supplement or starting any exercise program. Do not exceed recommended dose. Maintain adequate hydration when using. CON-CRET® is extremely hygroscopic, exposure to moisture and humidity may cause clumping but will not affect the product. Keep in a cool dry place. Stirring is suggested prior to use. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. IF PREGNANT OR NURSING, consult a healthcare professional before use.

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