All the BEST Athletes can Trust 10xGRIT for their Pre-Workout, Intra-Workout, & Post-Workout BCAA, Electrolyte, & Beta alanine for Increased Energy, Endurance, Recovery, and Rehydration Get the best out of every workout Tested & Certified for your safety
Certified to be the best supplement for all your training needs
Elite, Pro, and World Class Athletes Trust 10xGRIT for their Pre-Workout, Intra-Workout, & Post-Workouts. BCAAs, Electrolytes, & Beta alanine for The Best Increased Energy, Endurance, Recovery, and Rehydration. Tested & Certified by Informed Sports
Feel better than you ever have before with our 3-stage formula
TTP Nutrition offers the best sports supplements for sprinting & marathon runners.  10xGRIT uses the best, safest, and certertified ingredients to better your overall performance while training & competing at the highest levels. 10xGRIT for 5k & 10k races
experience the evolution in sports performance & recovery.
Trusted & Certified for all levels of combat sports. Thousands of MMA, Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling, Judo, Boxing, & virtually all weight cutting combat sport athlestes use 10xGRIT to get them back to peak performance after training. Energy, Recovery, Rehydrate
The perfect combination for all Combat and Weight Cutting Athletes

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10xGRIT - Fiji Sunrise (Peach Mango)

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Check Out A Few Testimonials From Our Elite Athletes

After trying GRIT endurance and recovery drink, I am totally on board with this product.

J'den Cox (2X World Champ)

This stuff is magical! There is absolutely zero chemical after-taste, no jitters, no crash...just a solid, clean energy that keeps me buzzing along through my workouts. Prior to taking this, I had been feeling a lot of post workout soreness with my increased lifting and gymnastics. Since taking this, I have zero pain, even after intense training. I'm incredibly impressed!

Alison Burns IFBB Pro

Loved the feeling and the taste and felt like I could've worked out for hours. Got such a good sweat going and didn't want it to stop that I turned the heat in my car on driving home so I could feel like I was competing again.

Chuck Mulligan

I have been using supplements for a long time now. NOTHING compares to 10xGRIT...PERIOD! I have more energy during my workouts, recover a lot quicker than before, and never feel dehydrated! Everyone needs to know about this product! BUY IT NOW!

Brad G.

I cut 14.6 lbs in a day and took GRIT right before I started cutting that morning. It gave me energy throughout the cut, made the cut faster and felt great! After I weighed-in and had me a mix, I was literally ready to rock by the fight!

Josh S.

This was our first order of many to come! The representatives from TTP Nutrition answered all my questions in a timely fashion and were very knowledgeable. GRIT delivered everything they said it would.

Matthew Gon

GRIT is by far the best product that I have used for recovery after cutting weight and getting ready for a competition.

Josh Smidt

I have loved using GRIT and felt like it is a huge help, especially during wrestling tournament days or post-weigh-in for re-hydration and getting good energy.

Josh Ton

If you are not using 10xGRIT with every work out or weight cut, then that is your fault. To be the best you have to use the best! Recovery and rehydration has never been easier, felt this amazing, or tasted this good. The only supplement I use and trust.

Customer for Life


NC USA Wrestling
NE USA Wrestling
CA USA Wrestling
WA USA Wrestling

4 x World BJJ Champion

Bernardo Faria

In February and March 2013, Faria was ranked first in the IBJJF World Ranking of all divisions, and was chosen as the best Jiu-Jitsu athlete of 2015.

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