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GRIT - Innovative 3-Stage Formula
GRIT - Innovative 3-Stage Formula
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Hydration & Recovery

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Creatine HCL

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What our Athletes are saying...

I cut 14.6 lbs in a day and took GRIT right before I started cutting that morning. It gave me energy throughout the cut, made the cut faster and felt great! After I weighed-in and had me a mix, I was literally ready to rock by the fight!

Josh S.

This was our first order of many to come! The representatives from TTP Nutrition answered all my questions in a timely fashion and were very knowledgeable. GRIT delivered everything they said it would.

Matthew Gon

Loved the feeling and taste! I felt like I could've worked out for hours. Got such a good sweat going and didn't want it to stop! I turned the heat in my car up driving home so I could feel like I was competing again.

Chuck Mulligan

GRIT is by far the best product that I have used for recovery after cutting weight and getting ready for a competition.

Josh Smidt

I have loved using GRIT and felt like it is a huge help, especially during wrestling tournament days or post-weigh-in for re-hydration and getting good energy.

Josh Ton

I am currently using the Original GRIT Singles and the Creatine HCL, even while cutting weight for competition! This stuff is on a whole other level! Get it before you competition does....

Brad G.

2 x world champion

J'den Cox

"After trying GRIT endurance & recovery drink, I'm totally on board with this product."


NE USA Wrestling
WA USA Wrestling
CA USA Wrestling
Bernardo Faria, BJJ

4 x World BJJ Champion

Bernardo Faria

In February and March 2013, Faria was ranked first in the IBJJF World Ranking of all divisions, and was chosen as the best Jiu-Jitsu athlete of 2015.