Why Should You Care...

To know what we stand for and why you should care about us, is best demonstrated by knowing a little bit more about me, Georgi Ivanov, and my story.

I came to the United States of America when I was 16 years old... alone... without speaking a word of English.


For a better future... for opportunities... and to live the American Dream!

Imagine This...

Leaving your home country, your family, your friends... packing a suitcase, grabbing your passport, and getting on a plane to an unknown place...

Without any idea what it's going to be like, how hard it's going to be, or how it's going to happen...

I got on the plane and left... there was no plan "B"!

Why?! You May Ask Again...

For a Dream!

A dream to earn a degree from a US University...A dream to learn English and make connections...A dream to set myself up for a better future... no matter the cost!

Now, You're Probably Wondering If I Achieved My Dreams?


Family First - I'm happily married to Whitney Ivanova and we have a handsome newborn son, Izyn Ivanov.

Wrestling - Before becoming a US citizen in 2018... I'm a 2016 Olympian in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and a 2015 World Team Member in Las Vegas, NV for my home country of Bulgaria.

Education (All Paid For!) - Boise State University - Bachelor degree in Business Administration and Marketing. Maryville University - Master degree in Strategic Communication and Leadership

Izyn Liam Ivanov

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Was It Easy?


Were there setbacks? Yes, a lot of them!

Were there sweat, blood, and tears? You better believe it.

But was it worth it?! 10,000%!!! (Not a typo).

Top Tier Performance

If you're still wondering why I am letting you in on my personal life... and how does this relate to this company?! 

It's Simple!!!

See... the kind of commitment, dedication, perseverance, discipline, and hard work that went into achieving my goals thus far, is the same as how I'm approaching this company to serve YOU!

Every product you see on this website has gone through adversity... ups and downs... research and studies... only to persevere and thrive.

I Refuse To Sell You A Product That Has Not Been...

Carefully thought out to perfection.

Made with the best ingredients on the planet.

Backed by science.

Manufactured in the top facilities in the USA.

Tested and backed by the top athletes in the world.

As a matter of fact... 

I 110% Stand Behind My Products!

(Yes, this also is not a typo).

I offer a 110% no questions asked, money back guarantee on all of our products!

No other company stands behind their products like we do. How can we do this? Try the products and find out.

I insist on serving YOU with the highest quality customer service, with the highest quality products, at the highest level... Because YOU Deserve It!

Ready to feel the difference for yourself?

tried and true


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To your success

Georgi Ivanov

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