The Cause

It all started with the desire to know how to maximize an athletes training and performance.

How to cut weight, and compete at the highest level.

How to push your limits in training... yet, being able to recover and do it all again the next day.

The Experience

First, we were athletes (wrestlers) who didn't know much about nutrition...

Didn't know how to fuel our bodies, how to train hard and smart... not one at the expense of the other.

We would push ourselves in training, cut weight, and fail to compete.

That's right... we felt depleted, exhausted, drained, dehydrated, fatigued... (you name it)... anything but feel good.

From Growth to Contribution

Right after our collegiate careers, we turned to coaching wrestling, personal training, and working at supplement stores.

We began exploring, reading, and watching anything we can get our hands on to learn how to maximize your training, recovery, and performance during competition (when it matters most).

We would advise our athletes on what to intake before, during, and after training... during competition and out of competition... it became a lifestyle.

After a decade in practice, and a lot of frustration with low quality, incomplete, artificially inflated supplements... we knew it was time for a change.

Project GRIT

So it began... we set out on a journey to develop the most complete, high-quality, no-fluff, tested and certified, American-made drink on the market... and Yes, WE DID!

We gathered a team of well-respected and highly-skilled doctors, pharmacist, scientists, and athletes to fulfill a need in the supplement industry... a hole created by greedy, profit-prioritizing, large companies that did not have your best interest in mind.

We created the first 3-Stage Formula drink (GRIT) that helps you to:

- Hydrate your body quickly

- Gain quick energy

- Increase your endurance

- Decrease your muscle fatigue

- Recover your muscles

- Peak your performance

We refuse to sell you a product that has not been...

Carefully thought out to perfection.

Made with the best ingredients on the planet.

Backed by science.

Proudly manufactured in the top facilities in the USA.

Tested and backed by the top athletes in the world.

As a matter of fact... 

Every product you see on this website has gone through adversity... ups and downs... research and studies... only to persevere and thrive.

Reap The Benefits From Our Labor Of Love For Athletics