Industry GRIT - Stimulant Free Hydration and Energy

Meeting the demands of your customers takes the most out of your workforce. Hydration and Low Energy are catalyst for safety related injuries and lost production. Stimulant Free GRIT has been rehydrating and energizing Athletes for years. Now it is time to bring it to the real world. Several Construction & Utility Companies are now using GRIT for their employee safety and reliability. Getting away from the "Salty Sugar Waters" is the best thing you can do for your workforce.

Start Optimizing HydrationConstruction workers are involved in physically demanding work that can quickly dehydrate the body—especially during standard 8-hour shifts on warm Spring or Summer days. The apparel that construction workers wear is an additional catalyst for dehydration as protective gear such as long pants and vests are the norm.

Fight Low Energy & Start Maximizing ProductionCommon causes of worker fatigue include extended hours, night work and increased work load. Physically demanding and repetitive work, which is the norm in construction, is a big contributor to construction worker fatigue.

Hydration Source: Proprietary blend of Electrolytes (Sodium, Potassium & Magnesium) formulated to optimize osmolality and solubility in the body. 

Energy Source: Glucose is used to ignite the body's metabolism process and get the much needed electrolytes in your body efficiently and more effectively.

Recovery Properties: GRIT contains Beta alanine and BCAAs to help aid in the recovery process after a long days work. Don't think these ingredients are not needed by your employees, trust us, they will thank you!

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